See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“Who knew that acupuncture could help you to reduce your craving to eat? Outrageous, but true. If I hadn’t tried it myself, I would think it crazy. I am an obsessive person who always liked to eat a lot of junk food. Lately it was getting so bad that I was very stressed from all the eating. I would tell myself ‘Carol you have had enough’, and yet I still stuffed junk in my mouth. Even when I was not even hungry, I still felt the obsession to eat. This obsession was making me gain weight and making my life more stressful. My employer held a health fair and Rumiko was one of the vendors in attendance. Only when I saw one of my colleagues at her booth did I take a walk over. Rumiko had asked me what my goal was. I told her truthfully that even though I gained weight, I didn’t care if I stayed the same weight, but I must get rid of the compulsion to eat, eat, eat. That night after Rumiko’s first application (she did not use the needles as we were not in her office, but used another method) my husband and I went out to dinner and I told the waiter I didn’t want dessert. He told me it comes with the dinner and he could wrap it for me. I stood my ground and said ‘no I don’t feel like it’.And that was the start of a very happy turn around for me. I have been seeing Rumiko for almost five months and with the exception of a piece of fruit here and there, I do not snack between meals. I still eat my regular meals, whether that is chicken, pasta, bread and butter, etc. I have also lost 18 pounds during the first three months and more importantly, I am much less stressed because I am not always trying to fight the urge to eat between meals.As a result of the acupuncture, I am a much happier person and I so look forward to my sessions as I get out of work during the day and I go and totally relax in Rumiko’s comfortable offices. I fit into clothes that I have not worn in a number of years and that too makes me feel wonderful. Rumiko is always telling me that it doesn’t always work this way, or this fast for everyone, but look at all you might gain by trying and sticking to it. –
Good Luck to one and all!”

Carol P.

“I had severe pain in the center of my hip. When I tried Acupuncture for the first time it was wonderful. I felt very comfortable it didn’t hurt and the relief was amazing. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone.”

L. C.

“I am a patient of Kimura Acupuncture. I freely speak of my experiences when someone says they have PAIN.

Rumiko is my third acupuncturist, and she is very good.

I have a pinched nerve in my lower back that can send pain down my right leg. I have also have some arthritis in a shoulder that affects one of my wrists. I have found acupuncture to be a great way to manage pain. Working with Rumiko and my medical doctor, my pain in well under control. I no longer have pain as a constant reminder.

Rumiko takes time to speak and probe you before placing a needle. She wants to keep you in balance. By that I mean, a problem on one side may require attending to the other side as well. She uses external stimuli like a heat lamp to further enhance your treatment. She gives you little exercises to both strengthen and stretch the area she is treating.

I cannot think of one thing I would ask Rumiko to change, or do differently. I appreciate the mobility the treatments have helped me to have.”


“I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 17. Since then, my yearly sonograms always revealed cysts on my ovaries. After Rumiko met with me and discussed my history, she created a plan specific to my symtpoms. After 3 months of weekly treatments, my lastest sonogram revealed normal ovaries – no cysts at all. I am very excited about this improvement and cannot wait to see what other changes will come next! I feel very comfortable with Rumiko and love that she takes her time during sessions to explains what she doing. I would definitely recommend acupuncture with Rumiko!”


“I’ve been trying to get pregnant for 12 months, I am 36 yrs old. I started seeing Rumiko a year ago for other issues and thought I would give fertility acupuncture a try since that is her speciality. I couldn’t believe it, but after only two sessions with her I became pregnant! She said it would take up to three months and it would definitely work if I didn’t have any medical issues preventing me from conceiving, so I was truly stunned it happened this fast. I really felt a difference in the relaxation of certain muscles and Rumiko pointed out that was a very good sign. I would recommend acupuncture to any of my friends trying to conceive and Rumiko’s calming energy and knowledge was exactly what I needed.”


“This is my go-to place for muscle relief. I had lower back pain in the past and got great results coming here.”

Jeanene W

“Rumiko has treated my left knee for tightness in a muscle over the past few months and I get instant relief which lasts about 10 day. That is a great success since I work retail and stand all day. She had also treated shoulders, carpal tunnel and ongoing stress. Lastly, she had placed needles to greatly diminish a new scar. I am a fan! And recommend her highly.”

Lisa T

“I came in with a lot of pain, and walked out with much less pain. Very clean , quiet, relaxing office. Everything was explained to me, and nothing was rushed. No waiting! Best acupuncture experience I had!”